ZEUS database

In Styria the online-database ZEUS is used for the legally prescribed administration of energy certificates.

ZEUS, which means in German „Zentrale Energieausweis Umgebung Steiermark“ and could be translated with „central energy certificate environment Styria” is an online-database for the organisation and management of energy certificates according to the European Buidling Directive.

The databse stores and administrates the energy certificates and the calculation files, is able to interchange data with the central buildings and apartment register of “Statistik Austria enables federal authorities and funding agencies to access necessary energy certificates, if needed for building permissions, funding administration, etc., and provides the possibility of creating statistical evaluations.

The database was firstly released in April 2008. As platform operator, the Energy Agency Styria is responsible for the administration, support of users, quality management, information service and for the coordination with other federal states, company “gizmocraft”, company “design and technology GmbH and with energy certificate software producers.


Period: 01.01.2008 - 31.12.2016

Website: stmk.energieausweise.net

Contracting authority: Land Steiermark

Partners: gizmocraft, design and technology GmbH