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13 September 2017

Official start of NEWCOM

At the beginning of September 2017 the european project „NEWCOM – New Competence for building professionals“ successfully started. Our team and project partners jointly met on the 6th and 7th September at the Austrian Energy Agency in Vienna.
30 August 2017

Betriebsausflug der Energie Agentur Steiermark

Am 28. August 2017 fand heuer der jährliche Betriebsausflug der Energie Agentur Steiermark statt. Trotz des regnerischen Wetters war der Ausflug ein voller Erfolg.
16 August 2017

Security of electricity supply is steadily rising!

Austrian Authority E-Control published the new failure and interruption statistics 2016 for the Austrian electricity grid. Compared to 2015, the failure duration decreased by 3 minutes, resulting in an average yearly interruption of 24 minutes for customers.
2 August 2017

„Masterplan Ländlicher Raum“ published!

An Austrian master plan for rural regions was published in the end of July 2017 by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water-Management.
28 July 2017

Useful online tool for PV battery systems

“SUSI – Strom-Unabhängigkeits-Simulation” is a helpful online tool for showing the effect of a battery system combined with your PV plant. It roughly forecasts the expected direct use rate of the produced electricity as well as the autarky rate and displays, how much electricity from the PV plant is used at single months.
12 July 2017

New guidebooks on mobility

Mobility is the motor of our society. In the last century, being "mobile" has established itself as a fixed component of daily life through motorized individual transport. But increasing mobility brings ecological, economic and social problems, so sustainable solutions are required.
3 July 2017

e5-excursion was a great success!

„soft electrification - e5 on Tour“ was the slogan of our this year's excursion. It took place from 23. to 24. June 2017!
26 June 2017

Kommunale Sommergespräche in Bad Aussee

„Smart City“ and „Smart Country“ have become synonyms for a digital transformation! Digital innovations offer chances to improve life quality for the shrinking population on the countryside. But what about security and privacy issues? What are the effects of a digitalized life? How can digital innovations effectively be used for rural areas? These questions are tried to be answered at the "Kommunalen Sommergespräche 2017" at Bad Aussee.
12 June 2017

Energy saving workshops for asylum seekers

Several workshops were organized for informing asylum seekers about topics like energy saving, climate protection and recycling.
31 May 2017

There is no place like „smart“ home!

The 40th NOEST Energy Lunch, which took place on the 30th May 2017 at Graz, was fully geared to the topic of smart homes and intelligent buildings automatization.
24 May 2017

European Energy Award for Deutschfeistritz

Federal Minister Andrä Rupprechter presented the European Energy Award to 27 cities and municipalities at the 67th Austrian Town Day in Zell am See. Among the excellent municipalities was the Styrian municipality of Deutschfeistritz.
22 May 2017

Styrian Energy Report 2016

The newly published Styrian Energy Report 2016 gives comprehensive information about the actual Styrian energy situation and developments.
15 May 2017

Automated Driving - Federal State of Styria as key actor

In the Federal State of Styria a manifold testing environment for autonomous driving will be developed within the project LP.Lab - Austrian Light Vehicle Proving Region for Automated Driving“.
5 May 2017

"14. Grazer Energiegespräche"

The Energy Talks at Graz were dealing with sustainable electric mobility and the future of this development.
21 April 2017

Smart Meter Study shows big potential of this technology

The results of a user survey, performed by the Austrian Energy Agency, shows the big potential and technology interest of the user.
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